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Insight about Your Craftsman....

We provide Masterful tile and stone installations.

Floors, Showers, Kitchen Back splashes, Decks and more.

We bring over 33 years of professional artwork to your home or business!

Tile Man Mike is a seasoned professional Craftsman/Artisan who has not only logged

his 40 thousand hours, he has spent his adult life learning a masterful skill through trial an

error, blood sweat and tears.

Prior to His adolescent years, Tile Man Mike began to have a passion for the construction craft and would tinker with all types of tools at a time when most kids His age are riding their bikes and playing with friends.

This early passion led Him to develop an entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 16 when He began to advertise His skills in a local newspaper for remodeling jobs.

His Mom always wondered what the people thought when they spoke with Him on the phone not to mention when He arrived to price the job.

Confident in His abilities, Tile Man Mike did not waver and proved Himself time and time again with many successful projects.

"I believed in myself and I knew I had to learn to accept challenges no matter how difficult"


It's now 1986 and Tile Man Mike attempts His 1st Commercial remodeling project for a Veterinarian Clinic in Anniston, Alabama. Problems arose when the Tile portion was ready to subcontract. There were no available Tile contractors at the time. This is when Tile Man Mike touched tile for the first time in His life, and loved it.

Over the next 30 years, Tile Man Mike created beautiful Tile and Stone projects in Homes, Office buildings, Treatment plants, Department stores, Libraries and Schools.

Comprehensively, He has installed/managed more than 1 million square feet of tile/stone.

His intimate relationship with the Tile and Stone profession has equipped Him with tremendous insight into the Industry and has led Him to pioneer a strategy to move the Craft into the 21st Century in a very powerful way.

Your Project! Our Signature!

Our Fun Side.....

"Iron-Bowl 2016"

DB and Tile Man Mike always take time to enjoy the Southern Culture of College Football to create a balance between work and play.

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